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Bushcraft is the skill of living in the wilderness comfortably harvesting the natural resources available to you in a sustainable manner. In addition to survival skill knowledge, techniques and natural resources, high quality bushcraft equipment helps to fulfil the basic survival needs of warmth, shelter, food and water. For those wishing to carry equipment there is a range of very bad items out there, as well as a range of very good! Out instructors have tested them all. For example our instructors primary method of lighting a fire is the Swedish Army Fire steel, which produces a shower of sparks that come off at 3000 degrees, enough to light many natural tinder, waterproof and windproof matches and fire balls and steels can also be used. Considered an important piece of bushcraft equipment for fire starting, steels and strikers are also good for lighting camping stoves and cotton wool, while element-proof matches help fire lighting in poor weather.

Shelter is the most important survival principle. Therefore bushcraft equipment that Woodland Ways provide include water proof hammocks, tents, sleeping bags and basha. Equally important is food, a resource that is imperative for outdoor survival.

Further bushcraft equipment for vehicle based travel include caste iron dutch ovens and cast-iron cooking equipment useful for campfire cooking. Or for fixed camps why not consider a piece of Bushcraft equipment, the ozpig, which is portable, collapsible and good for boiling, roasting, cooking and barbecuing.

Water is an extremely important requirement for outdoor survival. If you loose 2% of your hydrations levels you are on a downward spiral. But we also need it to wash, treat and heal. Our Bushcraft equipment can provide safe, clean water, with water bottles, purification and chemical filtration devices as well as aquaclear tablets to remove bacteria, viruses and cysts. Premium basic bushcraft equipment is an important addition to any outdoor enthusiast's wilderness arsenal. As a retailer of bushcraft equipment, Woodland Ways stocks quality outdoor adventure supplies to make outdoor life enjoyable and pleasant. All bushcraft equipment sold by us has been critically inspected and tested by our expert team of survival instructors, with the advantages and disadvantages of each bushcraft equipment product honestly noted for your information.


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Free Bushcraft Equipment tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: How to prepare sinew for cordage

For me one of the fundamental principles of Bushcraft is to make the most sustainable use out of every resource that is available to us in the wild. Making use of every part of an animal is no exception. Animals can provide us with much more than just a hearty meal, we can take many of the by-products and put them to other uses, for example the sinew.

The sinew is a piece of fibrous tissue, which connects the muscle to the bone and is incredibly strong. It is this strength which we can take advantage off to make incredibly robust cordage.

Lets look at the stages of making cordage with a Muntjac deer.

Firstly take the leg of the deer and slice through the skin with your knife, separating the skin from the bone and the sinew. You can then work your hand in between the sinew and the bone and prize them apart. Once this has been done it is best to dry the sinew out for a few hours in sunlight.

Once dry we can then take a smooth rounded object (such as a wrist thick piece of wood or a stone) and start to pound the sinew onto another hard surface below, this will begin to break the sinew apart. Keep going along the whole length until you can start to separate each individual fibre out with your hands. Once each fibre has been separated these can then be rolled along your leg, or twisted between your fingers, to create strong cordage

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Bushcraft Equipment Instructor .

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Bushcraft Equipment